We partner with you and your team to help you achieve your business goals. We value long-term relationships with our clients and partners and will work closely with your business to ensure that you have the resources and solutions you need to be successful



Also known as DX, DT, DE, Digitalization and Industry 4.0, the digital transformation is the method to create or change corporate culture, processes and products to improve your client’s commitment, to potentiate efficiency and to deliver more tailored and targeted client solutions at a reduced cost. With EYSS you can ask for small or total transformation. You have total control.


We build custom mobile, desktop and web applications to fulfill a variety of customer’s needs. Some of these applications could be as complex as an entire Healthcare system to manage patient records, prescriptions, etc. or as simple as a Quality Control application to mark whether a product is faulty or not. The complexity of your application will be dictated by your needs.


We reshape and innovate our client’s ideas emphasising the qualities of their products and incorporating new elements to make them unique and more attractive for the audience.


With a wide knowledge on web development, our team have a vast experience in most of the programming languages and applications used today including Html, Css, Ajax, Php, JavaScript, Angular, NodeJS, Ionic, VisualStudio, Linux and C++. We use the language that adapt better to the functional requirements of your program. Due to our low cost, many customers are opting to have fully dedicated development teams, manage by us or the customers, to fulfill their needs.


Our Strengths

Industry Agnostic

We have worked in industries like healthcare, education, manufacturing, training, etc. and the advantages of this are endless due to cross-industries solutions


We currently have customers in Ireland, Holland, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Venezuela, United Kingdom, just to mention a few.


We are able to effectively adapt to different scenarios and make any internal changes necessary to respond to changing environments as quick as possible.


We are able to offer high quality work for a very reasonable price thanks to our strategic structure with offices overseas.


While we are a young company, our top management team have over 15 years of experience as Directors in multinational companies in various industries.


EYSS is a Microsoft registered partner in Venezuela and it is currently working to partnership with the two top universities in the country with international recognition


Been a social responsible company and having employees with disabilities give us a natural advantage. Overcoming challenges is in our blood.


We are currently able to work in Spanish, Portuguese and English to make feel our customers at home.


We are a self-funded company, we offer financing options to our customers without interest rates or the involvement of financial institutions.

Open to challenges

Entering new technologies or help develop new technologies are just few of the challenges we have taken on board lately and we love it. We feel comfortable trying to be pioneers.


We keep our team up to date by offering as part of our internal benefits to sponsor from courses up to University degrees in private universities. The education and health of our team is number one priority.


We understand we do not know everything and some customers have very challenging projects. We are known for been very honest and open. While we are open to try, we like to let customers know our position and share the risk with them.


We are aware of the economic realities of the market; we provide accessible solutions with easy payment schemes so that entering the digital world does not represent a headache but an achievable goal for customers.

Our History

Founded in London and Caracas in 2017, EYSS is a young company full of experience. With a young and dynamic team of developers, designers, marketers and project managers, is still backed up by more than 15 years of experience of their top management in different industries like construction, education, training, manufacturing and recycling, just to mention a few. EYSS started as a social enterprise to help people with disabilities and a year later was converted to a Limited company keeping the same social goal aiming to have half of their workforce with disabilities.

After the conversion, during EYSS 1st year, the company has grown significantly doubling the team and hitting yearly revenue targets within its first 6 months, which is an amazing achievement for a start-up self-founded.

some of our customers

Our Team Members